[Selling] Epicly Magnifent Quadruple Backflip Double Chest of Rainbow Wool

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  1. This is all one bundle of rainbow wool. 216 Stacks, 13,824 pieces of Wool

    Selling Price: 8,000 Rupees... OBO

    impress me! I'll even throw in this bonus... if you build something NEW with this Wool... and it has to be THIS Wool... I'll refund half of the buying price back to you after the project is complete. It has to be something epic though!
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  2. lol and i misspelled Magnificent... wow!
  3. Some many colors.........:eek:
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  4. it is epicly colorful
  5. I could build a nice nyan cat with that, but no.
    I dont have 8k to bid.
  6. oh this isn't an auction everyone... so 8k is what i'm asking but you can make an offer on it. keep in mind i refund 50% of it back once the creation is done, this is just to encourage you to build something instead of trading it for emeralds or something.

    so yeah... make an offer, doesn't have to be 8k.
  7. Ill pay 8k for this :) Ill need it in a project in the future probably :D
  8. D: Dang bidding war >.< 8.5k
  9. i bid.... 1 quadtrillionths! but sir, thats not a real number.
    oh, well in that case...
    sir, check your bank account.
    blast auctions! thy cruel jenkins has let me run low on my funds for world conquest!
    i must flee back into my lair for a miniscule amount of days until i have recuperated my coin bag of currency that resembles green gems.
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  10. Actually, villagers only buy white wool, and you don't have any of that. But everything else is true. ;)
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  11. not true, the wool trading villagers trade any color wool.... i know because i've done this.

    ImParanoid got this with 8.5k and I can't wait to refund half of that once I see his epic creation!
  12. This thread can be locked down because the transaction has completed!