[Selling] Epicly Awesome Enchanted Emerald Chestness of Greatness!

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  1. Will pick up at 18648 on smp9

    4x Stacks of Ice Block
    4x Gold Block
    4x Iron Block
    32x Emerald Ore
    64x Emeralds
    2x Stacks of Redstone Ore
    2x Stacks of Coal Ore
    4x Stacks of Stone Slabs
    2x Stacks of Stone Pressure Plates
    4x Stacks of Melons

    1x Power I Enchanted Bow
    1x Enchanted - Sharpness IV Sword
    1x Enchanted - Sharpness III Sword
    2x Enchanted - Sharpness II Sword
    1x Enchanted - Sharpness I Sword

    1x Enchanted - Efficiency II Pick
    1x Enchanted - Efficiency III Pick
    1x Enchanted - Efficiency IV Pick

    1x C418 - Mall Disc
    1x C418 - far Disc
    1x C418 - mellohi Disc
    1x C418 - strad Disc
    1x C418 - stal Disc
    1x C418 - cat Disc
    1x C418 - 13 Disc
    1x C418 - chirp Disc

    Since we can't auction this... I'm thinking 20k obo (that means "or best offer")
  2. Why'd you make soooo many threads?
  3. i had to make this one because the auction is invalid

    don't hat, appreciat :)
  4. I'll give you 6k
  5. I'll give u 10k
  6. pwozl, are you online?
  7. this has been sold to Pwozl for 10k, close er down!
  8. :)