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  1. I currently have 2 double chestful full of enderpearls that I am willing to sell for 250 rupees per stacks of 16. They are stored in smp4 but I will deliver them to any res. There are 108 stacks total. The price per enderpearl is 15.625, however I only wish to sell them in stack of 16.
  2. Please notify me via pm or this thread as I am usually AFK in the client while I am logged into EMC and the forums simultaneously..
  3. I would like to buy a stack of enderpearls.
  4. Which server are you on?
  5. smp1 I will put a access chest on my res for you to put them in.
  6. I sell ender pearls for 5r each.. although the chest is not set up to sell them at this moment.
  7. Please don't hi-jack other peoples threads offering same goods for a lower price. It's disrespectful.
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  8. sorry qwertyip.
  9. If you deside to sell at a normal price ill be interested.

    Not paying 3-4 times the avg. Price.

    Pm if needed.
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  10. Okay, since I am overpriced and people want to lowjack my thread. They are no longer for sell.
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