[Selling] End Stone Bricks

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Walrice, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. I've got 12 DCs of this stuff sitting around I'll never use so I'm selling it for 20k per DC or 370r per stack.

    Post on this thread or pm me if you want to buy, it should take no longer than 24 hours to deliver or set up access.

    Pickup will be at 8700 auction2 on smp4, or I can deliver it.
    Currently in stock: nuthin' left ya'll go home
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  2. How much for 1 stack of blocks?
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  3. Oh, didn't even think about single stacks :p
    I'll say 370r since that's a 54th of 20k
    Added to OP too.
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  4. Also per block? :p
  5. a 64th of 370 is about 5.7 so I'll just say 6r per block :p
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  6. That's enough from me ;)
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  7. How much is three stacks two single blocks and a dc.
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  8. Well, if you want to be that specific :p 21122r if we're adding the DC, stack, and single price. If we're going by the DC price 21067.8r

    My math is horrible I'm probably wrong plz no ban
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  9. Bump.
    I'll start auctioning them 1 or 2 DCs at a time, but what's left here is still for sale.
  10. Nice find :)

    If you're willing to come down to 17k/DC I'll take it. Otherwise bulk suppliers have you beat.
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  11. Yeah, I'll do that. I just based the price off recent auctions. How much you want?
  12. Awesome. Sent you a pm for arrangements. Thanks
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  13. Just sold all of them. Go home people! :p
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