[Selling] Enchanted weapons and armor!

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  1. I Currently have 10 sets of Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Diamond Armor
    I also have God Swords and bows Enchants for those are below:

    Bow: Individual Price: 3.5k
    -Unbreaking 3
    -Flame 1
    - Punch 2
    - Power 5

    Sword: Individual Price: 3.5k
    -Unbreaking 3
    -Sharpness 5
    -Knockback 2
    -Looting 3
    -Fire Aspect 2

    Armor sets: Individual Price: 10k

    The Current Price for 1 God Bow, 1 God Sword and 1 Full set of armor is 16k

    You can Make an order by using the following order form:

    How Many:
  2. Bump! Dropped down to 16k!
  3. hello, i am interested in buying that god sword. How much is it?
  4. I am not interested in that whole package but i like that sword. I will pay rupees for that god sword, how much will i have to pay?
  5. The sword is 3k
  6. ok when can i pick it up?
  7. Sorry for the wait everyone been at my dads for a few days... I will have a chest set up for both of you on my res on smp4, 8274. It will be in the storage area.
  8. Can I buy just a sword?
  9. Sure How much?
  10. just one sword. its 3500 correct?
  11. Yes it is I will set up a chest for you once the payment is made
  12. Can you list prices for individual items as well? :D
  13. Updated in OP
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