[Selling] Enchanted Tools

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  1. Everything sold :)
  2. how bout 19k for all?
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  3. Yes, i will take that. After payment there will be an access chest at smp3, 7259 with all the items intact :)
  4. Bump. Still selling
  5. Im buying
  6. I will set up an access chest for you on smp3 once i receive payment. You may pay 19k instead of 20k :)
  7. All sold! Thanks to Ladblo for buying! :)
  8. Thanks for selling :)
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  9. You said it would be sold to me :(
  10. Sorry, i did not receive your rupees so i thought you were not interested in them anymore. After 12 hours of waiting, i sold them to the next willing buyer.
  11. Sorry for sleeping then xD