[Selling] Enchanted Pickaxes!

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  1. Hello! I'm Choon, as some of you may know.

    Now, you may be wondering, (but choon.. What picks do you sell?)
    Well, I'm glad you asked that question! I sell only diamond picks, with the enchantments as followed.
    Diamond Fortune : Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Fortune III. (3,700r, 2 in stock.)
    Impossibly possible : Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch I. (3,600r, 3 in stock.)
    P-Pick : Efficiency V, Unbreaking III. (2650r, 0 in stock.)
    The picks WILL be named as listed. If you wish for a re-naming, just ask! (Extra 25r cost.)
    These picks are produced by PPCE Inc., and if you die in lava with it, no refunds will be given. PPCE Inc. in no way may be blamed for any physical or mental damage to the user from using these awesome pickaxes. The names of the pickax from PPCE Inc. are not actually colored, and is just named by an anvil.
  2. I will take one Diamond Fortune. I'll pay later tonight.
  3. Yes sir! When can you be on to get the pick?
  4. Bump! Also, Diamond Fortune is now out! (At least, i'm going to PM PenguinDJ to ask about his earlier request.)
  5. When you are stocked up on the 3rd one ill take 2 :)
  6. I'll get working on it right now.

    (As I am a little busy today with violin practice, I may be unlucky enough to not have it 'till tomorrow.)
  7. that is fine :) gon slap silk on them once they are done :p
  8. Are one of those supposed to be Silk Touch?
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  9. Oh, whoops. Yeah, impossibly possible is silk. I'll go ahead and change that up.

    Also, 1 Diamond Fortune is in stock! :p
  10. I would like a P-Pick when in stock if you don't mind, or better yet a Diamond Fortune if in stock, PM me in-game or on forums.
  11. I can sell you the Diamond Fortune. I'll PM you very soon! (I could've sworn I saw someone else post about the Diamond Fortune..)

  12. Ans 5weety asked for one but removed her comment I believe
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  13. Alright, bump! 2 Diamond fortune is here, and about the P-Pick's; they're the hardest pick to enchant for me, so until I get lucky on them, they're going to be out of stock for a while. If you want one, please make a request! However, it WILL take a while for me to get how many you requested, so that's the set-back.
  14. Bump-a-dump. Ever wondered how diamond pickaxes are made?