Selling enchanted pickaxes

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  1. do each of the picks have all three enchants?
  2. I'll buy 4 of these picks for 2k each so that's 8k!
  3. wow. where do we meet? I'll deliver it because you're buying 4 :)
  4. and yes bertone, all the pickaxes have those 3 enchants.
  5. iCurtis23, after payment tell me which smp and res to deliver to and i will. Set up an access set for me, thanks in advance!
  6. I'll buy 1
  7. I will set up an access chest for you at 12846 in smp6. And I will pay
  8. iCurtis, the pickaxes are in the access chest.

    nfell2009, after payment tell me which smp to deliver it to. Thanks
  9. bump. 2 left in stock
  10. Thank you for this picks FrozenForger!! :)
  11. You are most certainly welcome iCurtis23 :)
    Bump 2 left in stock!
  12. All sold. Thanks