Selling enchanted pickaxe (1)

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  1. Selling enchanted pickaxe: fortune III, efficiancy IV

    post offers here.
  2. 3500-5000
  3. 3k i accidently used it :(
  4. Lol in that case im out
  5. 2.5k???? anyone lol :(
  6. Sure 2.5k. Something I can actually afford!
    EDIT: wait how many dura points did you use?
  7. I will do 3k!
  8. !!!#%@! 4k!
  9. Next time,

    please use the auction forum..

    This is the marketplace - the place for fixed prices.
  10. This is not an auction... Is it?
  11. As far as i see - you guys are offering on a non-fixed priced item :D

    So yes, it looks like it.
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  12. "Post offers"

  13. Then this thread isnt allowed and should be close - and reposted in the auctions sections.

    This is an auction that does not follow the rules and guidelines for auctions on the forums.
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  14. You're trying to be funny, right?

    He started at 60 or 70k. Then:
    You and others seem to have no problem suggesting prices either:
    This is just one thread. There are a bazillion other threads like this.
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