Selling Enchanted Items

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  1. Selling Enchanted Diamond Items at 18461
    Items and Prices as listed: want to buy an Item with 3 enchantments? Private Message me in game.
    Eff V Unb III Fortune III 13500r (1)
    Eff IV Unb III Fortune III 12000r (7)
    Silk Touch I Eff IV Unb III 13500r (1)
    Unb III Eff IV 2000r (12)
    Unb III Eff V 3500r (1)
    Eff IV 1200r (7)
    Unb III Eff IV 1800r (2)
    Silk Touch I Eff IV Unb III 12500r (1) Effective on Mycel.
    Bane of Arthropods V Fire Aspect II 5000r (1) Great for you Spider Hunters.
  2. Update: there are now 2 Unbreaking III Eff IV Spades
  3. For the 3500r pick -
    Can I pay u 2000 now, and 1500 in 2 days
  4. I need your advice, what would you sell a silk touch I pickaxe for?
    Also what would you sell a fortune II Efficiency III Unbreaking III for?
  5. can i have the efficiency IV and Unbreaking III for 2k plz?