[Selling] Enchanted Items

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  1. Everything sold :)
  2. Can u make the sword smite 5?
  3. Sure, just pay me 9k and i'll have an access chest set up for you.
  4. sweet... i'll buy it soon
  5. You know that smite only works on zmbies and skellys? Sharpness works on all mobs, just thought id let you know.
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  6. I will use it to EXTERMINATE
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  7. I think smite sounds cooler
  8. lol. oh yah frozen, i know this is not the place to do this, but how many blocks must skellys fall to be 1 hit kill?
  9. price lowered for bows and pickaxes, and added new items :)
  10. That is a good pun...
    I am a garlic...
    I want to eggstearmanate to!
  11. Do you have multiple of the items or just 1 of each?
  12. Multiple of some :)

  13. u have an loothing 3 sharpness 5 ubr3?
  14. Yes i do :)

  15. How much does one of those cost? :)
  16. My art teacher just got really mad.