[Selling] Enchanted Items CLEARANCE [1004]

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  1. I have a number of items i m selling As i m starting a new type of Enchanting business

    These Items is first in best dressed, whoever gets to my res first buys them

    Diamond Picks:
    Unbreaking III- 900r
    Unbreaking III- 900r
    Unbreaking III Efficiency II- 1500r
    Fortune II Efficiency III- 2800r
    Fortune III Efficiency IV- 5500r

    Diamond Spades
    Fortune I- 300r
    Fortune III Efficiency IV- 4000r

    These items U have to comment and say u want them, if someone can beat the price they get it. Because of glitch. the prices are the stating prices i guess

    Diamond Picks
    Fortune III Efficiency IV Unbreaking III- 8000r
    Unbreaking III Effiiciency II Fortune I- 4000r
    Efficiency III Unbreaking III Fortune II- 5500r

    GO TO 1004 SMP1 TO GET THEM!!!
  2. 15k for all
  3. 30k for all
    and plz pick up ur auction asap
  4. Thats not all worth 30k.
    Happy is right, 15k is good for all of those enchants.
    Most of the prices are way to expensive, go check around other enchant shops, they have cheap enchants.
  5. how about 24k then so 50k total including the auction money
  6. I would but im at work now. in about 6 hours i will
  7. So you are selling it all for 24k now, correct?
  8. yer
    want to do better?
  9. Hands off its all mine, im paying for it now
  10. get on smp1 coffee im here