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  1. Thread Status: Active - Expect orders to be ready within 2 days

    This is a business that sells kits of gear. Why do I sell kits of gear? Because most people don't know what they want and it is nice and easy to just buy a kit from someone who has done the reasearch. So why not buy some enchanted gear the easy way?

    The tools for sale are currently available for instant purchase at /v 171 on smp1. I am still working on opening the rest of the shop.

    See easy to use google form

    Placing an order
    To place an order fill out the easy to use google form. Please wait for a confirmation PM arrives in your inbox before paying. This will include the total and the item(s) ordered. You can see your total after you have completely filled out the form. It is shown as your "total score"

    Receiving items
    After an order is placed please set up a chest for delivery on your residence. I will deliver the goods after both payment is received and the goods are ready. To speed up the process please pay as soon as the order confirmation has arrived in your inbox. Cheers.

    Got a question or suggestion?
    Please feel free to ask on this thread or in private
    I don't know what everyone wants, so please send me suggestions if you can't find what you are after and I can include them in the form.

    Use this link if embedded form is broken :(
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  2. Me gusta mucho, fast and easy.
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  3. All orders completed - yours could be next!
  4. This is really cool nice job.
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  5. Awesome :D Then I better save up to buy everything :p
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  6. Just sent in a request.
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