Selling Enchanted Diamond Picks!

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  1. Well. Its time that I sell some of these picks. So I'm gonna sell them to the community! If you want one of these picks PM me. We can negotiate prices ;)

    Efficiency IV = 900 - SOLD TehWafflez
    Efficiency IV = 900 - SOLD
    Efficiency V = 900 - SOLD TehWafflez
    Unbreaking III = 500 - SOLD
    Unbreaking III = 500 - SOLD
    Unbreaking III = 500 - SOLD
    Unbreaking III = 500 - SOLD
    Unbreaking III Efficiency IV = 3,800 - Selling
    Unbreaking III Efficiency V = 5,800 - SOLD Michael_Nolan
    Silk Touch I Unbreaking III = 13,400 SOLD Jonas_kok
    Silk Touch I = 4,500 = SOLD

    All brand Spanking New!
    Remember. We can negotiate on prices so don't be afraid!
    If you want me to hold one aside for you, feel free to ask!

    Slogan : Visualize Perfection. Visualize S_R_L_B's Picks ;)
  2. I see none ion particular that I enjoy, good luck though
  3. Hey, Im still waiting to get Fortune ;)
  4. I want Efficiency IV
  5. Lowered prices on certain picks. And DangerousPopcorn we are making a deal now! ;)
  6. I want Efficiency IV and Unbreaking III please.
  7. Sure thing! I will send more info over a PM now.
  8. Im on SMP7
  9. I'll take all four "Unbreaking III" at 500 each, please, if possible.

    (Or as many as you have left)

    I'm usually available on smp9, if you could pop over. Thanks!
  10. Oh god. I think I may need a better spawner. With these picks selling I may not have any left xD I will bring over the picks now! But, I think I will only add about 2 more picks a day to this thread. Keep it running :)
  11. I have had someone deliver them to you HerBrin3? Pleasure doing business!
  12. D: i wanted unbreaking :(
  13. When you said that I took it as you saying that you want the pick that is Efficency IV Unbreaking III Not 2 different picks D:
  14. I got them; all delivered and paid for. They'll be great for a long trip I have planned; thanks very much! Excellent service.
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  15. Oh, i want too different picks then lol
    Forgot to mention that.
  16. I have too get off in four minutes better make it quick S_R_L_B
  17. Just nevermind. I have to leave.
  18. You can But from here! Just send me a PM! Im auctioning off an Unbreaking III Efficiency V Fortune III Pick on the forums make sure to check it out!
  19. @S_R_L_B what does ur name stands for? :p