[Selling] Enchanted bows

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  1. So I've started an enchanted bow business. Everyone I get will go up on here with a price. So check back regularly for new bows. Each bow comes with a complementary stack of arrows. But you can buy more at my res for cheap. Reply to this thread if you want to purchase. The res is 8465 on smp4.
    The bows are:
    -Power III-375r
    -Power III-375r
    -Punch I Power II- 300r
    -Flame I- 500r
    -Power IV - 750r
    -Infinity I Flame I Punch II Power III - 4000
    -Multiple power I- 25r
  2. Hey! You stole my idea! Good Luck with your business.
  3. Well I'm sorry. :) And ty, I've already sold one lol.
  4. I love enchanted bows.
  5. _bump_
    Also new bow has been added.
  6. New infinity bow up for sale.
  7. How much would you sell me a: Power V, Flame I,Punch II,Infinity I for
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  8. Umm, if I ever get one would be a little more expensive having all the enchants on it. But If I get one I'll contact you.
  9. I will buy :
    Infinity Power III
    and Power IV

    Put the access chest name for gobstone308 ( bros account ) I am at a dual grinder on smp4.
  10. Ok, let me bring the infinity to my shop and then do it. :)
    Alright, they are set up. Just do the /r pay when you have time :)
    I also put your name on it if you happen to come pick it up aswell.
  11. I have 3 new power bows up for sale.
  12. can i buy the power IV plz
  13. Sure, come to my res
  14. can i buy all your power 1 bows? and for how much?
  15. Didn't think anyone would buy any of them. But next time I'm on I'll bring all of them to my res. And how about 75r for ea?
  16. Flame I
    Power 3
    Rupees 600
  17. 75r for a power 1 bow is overpriced :/
  18. Ok, you can pick them up :)
  19. How much are you willing to pay for them?
  20. Im not sure but power 1 bow can be enchanted with a exp of lvl 1