[Selling] Enchanted Bow with books

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  1. I have an Enchanted Bow with Unbreak III, Flame I...with enchant books of Infinity I, Power V, and Punch II

    Im not sure of a price to ask for so yeah..

    All of it comes together!
  2. Ill pay 1.5k for the bow
  3. I want to sell them all at once. Sorry
  4. Ok 3K for all
  5. With all the enchants they sell for like 15k
  6. Thats why i want the bow by itself
  7. cause i cant transfer the books in /vault
  8. Ah yes.. that is a problem. I dont have the levels to enchant the bow. But if youd like to come to my res and enchant it all at one time then thats cool. Ill sell for 10k total?
  9. Nah just want the bow
  10. but what is your res number?
  11. Alright. Sounds good. Where shall i meet you?
  12. 2524 on SMP1
  13. I need your res number
  14. I am holding an auction of a god bow and is going or 10k