[Selling] Enchanted Bow & Arrow Set Double Chest

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  1. 6x Power I Enchanted Bows
    4x stacks of Melon
    20x stacks of Bones
    26x stacks of Arrows

    make me an offer... i'm thinking maybe 300r
  2. 230? Sorry if this is low and you don't have to accept it but that's all I got
  3. Now this is something I could use. :p Can I buy for 400r? If that is not enough I can raise it.
  4. well can i buy it for 800r?, i can raise it, if its not enough
  5. It seems to me this is going to turn out like an auction. :confused: I'll offer 1,500r.
  6. i actually broke this up after no one responded... but we still have the bows and the arrows. pretty sure i broke those bones up into bone meal though and the melons... well, i still have plenty of melons lol
  7. hmmm, yes it will be an auction, i offer 2000r :mad:
  8. owww nvm because i was buying it for the bones, sorry :(
  9. Well that's what I really want is the bows and arrows. I'll still offer 1,500r. xD
  10. you all are crazy lol

    you could buy all this stuff individually at our shop for less than 2k so don't be crazy, when smp9 is back up you can come get all this stuff for next to nothing
  11. ^-^ Alright. I might not be around in an hour though. I'm stuck going to a boring party where only adults will be. They'll probably all end up fighting about politics. lol
  12. I once sold a double chest full of bones for 6.5k and a double chest full of arrows for 5k.
  13. O.O