[SELLING] Enchanted Books!

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    So I think you get the point.......

    Catch: If I have it, you can offer me a price, if I don't have it I wont stop enchanting till I get it ill just tell u when I do

    Big Books In stock atm:
    Fortune 3
    Prot 4
    Feather Falling 4
    Sharp 4

    Post or message price...If your new, I will drop price. NOTICE: I promise to make all of these books a good deal to buy as in no 2K for Prot 4
  2. Now in stock!
    Prot 3 Books!!! 750r
    Buy 2 for 1.25K!
  3. I wish to buy, 3 prot 3 books, 6 unbreaking III books, and 1 sharpness IV books. I might want to change later on though if it costs too much :p
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  4. Sorry no Unbreaking atm.... the prot and sharp I can do, pm me with price
  5. Still tons of books for sale!
  6. How much is fort 3? If 1k or less, I'll take... 3
  7. I only have one....Let me look at some prices then ill sell for 500r less or 1K ..... Ill get back to u in 5 mins!
  8. Ok! I'm moving the book to town! 1K it is!
  9. Your Book is ready for pick up on smp3!
  10. Sorry, had some... unplaned events, paying now!
  11. Where's pickup?