[Selling] Enchanted Books, Exp Bottles & Nether Quartz

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  1. Today is my RL birthday so I'm having a huge sale at my shop SMP 1, 534.

    Every kind of enchanted book type, experience bottles, nether quartz (flakes), and a few picks are on sale, so get them while they last. :)

    (Do not buy stock with the intent to re-sell, you will be banned from my res.)
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  2. Happy Birthday ero!
  3. Thanks :D

    I also moved everything around in the store. You can find all the items for sale on the second floor. If you do /v 534 you will be on the right floor.
  4. Happy Birthday erosego! Just so everybody knows, everything is REALLY cheap. She has xp bottles for 10r a piece.
  5. Happy birthday, the first of may is my IRL birthday.
  6. Thanks :D.

    I added some more stacks of XP in the lowest chest.
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  7. Annddd they're gone :)