[Selling] Enchanted Books!!!! :D

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  1. Selling Enchanted Books at 11266 Smp5
    Every Items Sold should be in Stock i'll tell you prices:
    Protection IV for 750
    Fire Protection IV for 1000
    Blast Protection IV for 1000
    Projectile Protection IV for 750
    Aqua Affinity I for 750
    Respiration III for 750
    Feather Falling IV for 900
    Unbreaking III for 900 (Unbreaking's in Every section
    Now Bows:
    Power V for 1000
    Power IV for 500
    flame I for 900
    Infinity I for 1200
    Punch II for 500
    Unbreaking III for 900
    Next Picks:
    Eff V for 1000
    Eff IV for 750
    Silk Touch I for 1250
    Fortune III for 1250
    Unbreaking III for 900
    Last but not least Swords:
    Smite IV for 750
    Smite V for 1000
    Sharpness IV for 750
    Sharpness V for 1000
    Knockback II for 1000
    Fire Aspect II for 1250
    Unbreaking III for 900
    Looting III for 1250
    B.O.A IV for 750
    TIP: If you think the prices are to high please tell me so i fix them thanks :D

  2. I'm gonna be gone till Monday ok
  3. Currently the Looting III and SIlk Touch 1 book are the most in stock :D