[Selling] Enchanted Armor and Tools

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  1. I'm going back into business selling enchanted gear. Res 2008, Smp1.

    Currently Selling:
    Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Diamond Armor: 10k a set (2500r per piece)
    Unbreaking 3 Books: 550r each
    Protection 4 Books: 1000r each

    God swords coming soon, so are Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 5 pickaxes.

  2. Reserved, just in case
  3. Bump. Got lots more armor in stock!
  4. Bump. 4 sets of armor currently stocked. Updated prices to reflect rest of economy/for my own sanity so I don't sell out every 30 seconds.
  5. Bump, 9 sets currently in stock.