[Selling] Emerald Ore in the omg emeraldz sale!

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  1. Selling 64 Emerald Ore

    15,000r OBO
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  2. OBO means "or best offer" in case you didn't know
  3. still selling? i'll buy. which server?
  4. You want another stack too? Buy hers first, of course, since im trying not to hijack:/
  5. lol SMP9 res 18648 is the address of my shop

    JabrZer0 already bought a stack from me. I have one more to sell so keep the offers comin' :) at this rate i'll be out in the wild all day tomorrow just like i was today lol
  6. You should change OMG EMERALDZ to ERMAHGERD, EMRZALDS!!!

    You should get a good offer on it. I say you hold a ingame auction for it.
  7. yeah, these are all selling in the shop so no need to have this open
  8. I still have about a half stack at 18648. All bought out of Emerald Blocks and Emeralds though... but the Ore remains!