[Selling] EMC valuables!

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  1. Hey guys I'm selling what the title says!
    Prices are not given make an offer during a pm or on this forum! Willing to trade items and services!

    I got

    1 Unused Everlasting Axestopper
    1 Unused Ore buster
    1 UNUSED Incitatus
    3 Labor Day Benches
    8 ICC Bday Vouchers (The cake parkour thing)
    1 Stable Vouchers
    1 Valentine's Day Rose (Red Writing)
    1 Second Chance Book ~By EmpireMinecraft (I didn't get banned I bought it ;))
    2 Empire Fireworks
    2 Independence Day Fireworks
    1 Used Saltar, 1 Used Valens, and 1 Used Incitatus

    Dark Brown Black Dots
    Speed 82.29 Jump 100 Health 20.00

    Dark Brown White Dots
    Speed 86.55 Jump 68.13 Health 34.00

    Black Whitefield
    Speed 130 Jump 61.44 Health 26.00
  2. How much for the orebuster
  3. How much for the valentine Rose
    Edit: Bought one off ya :)
  4. How much for the Valens?
  5. Read the bolded "make an offer"
  6. Do u still wanna buy??
  7. How much for the labor bench, Both fireworks and stable voucher?
  8. What would you swap a second chance book for? ~FD
  9. Can I buy the voucher and a Labor bench

    Labor bench for 5.5k voucher for 8k?
  10. How much for the axestopper? I will pay 8k
  11. Deal pay and there will b an access sign at 11114... stable voucher right??
  12. Idk make an offer :p
    Does 9k sound good?
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  13. How about 8k? that is my price :)
  14. meet in the middle 8.5k??
  15. Right now can I just buy the Labor Bench?
  16. Sure 5.5k please
  17. Deal. Setup an access chest and I will pay on pickup because I cant get on till later.:)
  18. Ok it will be ready in like 2 minutes! :D
  19. Can I buy a labor bench for 5.5k
  20. I'll start with 5k for an ICC Bday Vouchers