[SELLING] EMC Treasure Voucher

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  1. I have it on hand in SMP 9.

    I'm selling it for 17k.

    Some people may be like "I could just buy a page for 10k, so why would I do that?"

    This item is directed to normal members, which can only have 2 pages.

    So yay! "Free" vault page for 17k.

    Buy it right now.
    Don't think.
    Just do it.
    Listen to me.
    Nobody else.
    This voucher could be yours.
    In your inventory.
    A new vault page.
    Buy it.
    Cool kids buy them.
    Peer pressure.
    Buy it.
    This instant.

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  2. *reaches in pocket for 17k*..... But I don't wanna spend this kind of money
  3. That's thinking.

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  4. How do you get these?
  5. ICC was dropping them during special events
  6. Bump.

    This treasure is magnificent
  7. I want one so bad.... But I don't have two vault pages OR 17k.
  8. Let's raise this thread like I raise the roof.

  9. lol "yo"
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  10. Bump, like those things there are too much of in parking lots
  11. Ooh, tempting. Would you go 15 k?
  12. I'll meet you at 16k :D
  13. How about 10k plus 4 Fortune I Unbreaking III Effiencency III Diamond picks?
  14. I'd be more inclined to just take the 15k, sorry.
  15. Okie dokie.
  16. I guess sure, meet me at /shop there and I can do the 15
  17. Nevermind, sorry. Kinda' forgot I'm saving up a bit. But I appreciate it, friend. :)
  18. Ok cool. Thanks anyways! Good luck saving it all!
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  19. Can I get a percent off for friends discount? :p