[Selling] EMC Spawn Res SMP8

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by Mman, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I am now selling a very pretty spawn res on smp8. This spawn res is number 16008, and is NOT a corner res. Please only PM or post reasonable offers. NOTHING UNDER 50k.
    Screen Shots not working, I will try to post later.
  2. Are you selling flags or unclaim?
  3. unclaim
  4. what if i offered 30k...
  5. I already have an offer for 60k, so I would say no.
  6. I have placed a bid of 65k on this. who bid 75k?
  7. So, i'll increase my bid to 80k

  8. This isn't an auction so there is no bidding. It is just offers.
  9. im confused, why are you raising bids? is this an auction?
  10. Yep, these are all just offers, definitely not an auction
  11. so why are you raising your offer?
  12. He's raising his offer because there are multiple people offering to buy it
  13. meh.. ok. i want the res. but if i can't change my offer when someone offers more. won't that reduce what you get for it? :)