[Selling] EMC Rares, Marlix Boots

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  1. HI all!

    I am selling these items!

    Haunted Head
    Marlix Boots
    2x Labor Benches
    Haunted Candy
    Starter Kit
    EMC 2013 Firework!

    Make your offers!
  2. I'll buy the haunted head for 8k, and the labor benches for 4k each
  3. Can we negotiate a bit on that? Labor Benches, 5.5k, haunted head, 12k?
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  4. Just saying, his counter offer is below what others are paying for them. If you really want them, you should buy these now.
  5. Starter Kit, 2.5k?
  6. Just saying, ill offer what I feel is fair
  7. Fair enough, just trying to inform you. :)
  8. weren't the labor benches 5k each?
  9. Can i buy the firework and boots for 40k?
  10. I'll do 50k?
  11. Deal.
  12. No 40k
  13. 50k is my lowest
  14. Alright sorry i will have to pass
  15. How much for the marlix boots?
  16. 45k willing to negotiate
  17. Don't have that ATM, might think about it when my auction money comes in (the person eho won is away on a trip :/)