[SELLING] EMC Promo Items

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  1. Selling EMC promo stuffs on smp5 res # 10023
  2. What stuff how much??
  3. go to the res and see drose XD
  4. Ok UPDATE!!

    PM me on forums if u want one of the items:

    - labor day bench
    -i day firework
    -EMC firework
  5. It would be a ton more convenient if you just posted what you sell and for how much so I know what I'm going to buy..
  6. u PM'd me and i gave u prices.
  7. You only gave me a price for 1 item, I wanted to know all the prices for everything you sell. It's a waste of time to get online at 10:15 PM just to see what's at somebody's shop. Sorry but it's inconvenient so just say it.. I don't know why you're being so secretive about it anyway. Looks like you're trying to avoid saying it.
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  8. K haro just stop then. if ur gonna just complain and stuff then dont post on this thread.
  9. Haro is not complaining, he's just wondering what the prices are - which is understandable, as some people are unable to log on at certain times of the day.
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  10. well Mod plz close this thread i guess.
  11. Why don't you just post the prices up here, it makes everything a lot easier, and it makes your business look good.
  12. I dont have a buisness.
  13. Well, you are selling a product which basically makes you a business. And for once, I agree with Haro, I can't log on right now an would like to see prices, there is no reason why you can't post them and having 5 PM's is a sure way to fail in business
  14. Just if you guys wanted to know;
    The prices weren't even that bad, I have no clue why he didn't say that in the thread; he probably would have sold something by now if he did.
  15. What is an ICC birthday voucher?
  16. ICC gave it out to people who beat his cake parkour event on his birthday. Doesn't do anything but it has colored and bold text. I see them go for a good 10k if you want to buy his.
  17. Ive sold them all haro lol through PM's :p