[SELLING] EMC exclusive items

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  1. Hey EMC :),

    I am currently selling the following EMC exclusive items:

    - I-day Firework 18k
    - 2013 EMC Firework 19k
    - ICC birthday voucher 6k. - Incitatus special horse 14k[/S]
    crossed out items have been sold to ironicswordplay.
    So PM me if your interested :D
  2. Cool i might buy some soon :)

    EDIT: I will buy some NOW!
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  3. Is incitus used????
  4. yes srry forgot to mention that XD
  5. wait... i didn't want the Incitatus special horse 14k just the others!
  6. Ok I will fix that ironic :)
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  7. Thx,
    You should sell this!
  8. I will once I get one.... :p
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