[selling] Eggcellent Wands - 10k - /v 2016

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  1. As winter sadly comes to an end it is time for my yearly spring cleaning of my stuff.
    Since I have way too many of these wands laying around I am going to be selling them super cheap for y'all. ;)
    Expect a lot more promo sales coming soon as I clean out my collection!

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  2. I thought these go for 11-13k :eek: I guess not...
  3. I've seen people selling them around 20-22k lately :(
  4. Bump, trying to get rid of them so selling at 10k per!
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  5. Bought 3 XD Planning on buying some more though.

    EDIT: 4 now

    Edit as of Mar 27, 2016: 6 now XDDDD
  6. Title says 10k screenshot says 17k...
  7. If you'll mail me one, I'll pay you 11k when I get a notification in-game. ^_^