[Selling] Eff3 Unb3 Diamond Pick

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  1. I'm unsure of it's price of worth so I'll just go out and say 1k.
  2. i will pay 1k.
  3. How much more would you pay? I don't know if they're worth more D:

    Anyone tell me what do you think of this
  4. 1k is fair
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  5. this r pretty common picks going around now. So will you do 1k?
  6. Yeah, I'm at my residence at SMP9
  7. Okay i am on smp9. Just make a chest with my name, and tell me ur res number. And i will pay and pickup tomorrow. I am very tired and need sleep.
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  8. I just paid. But where is the pickup chest at?
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  9. I haven't have had time, I'll be online later in a few hours and will do it.
  10. ok thanks
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