[SELLING] Dual Skeleton/Zombie Spawner[CLOSED]

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  1. I'd Like to get at least 10k out of this dual grinder, but i will negotiate.
    PM Me if interested!
  2. Not 10K but maybe ill ask some people what server is it on?
  3. I'll do 8k-what server and how far?
  4. Its amazing how many people dont read such a short post -_-
  5. Just to clear some things up, it is on 9, and it is about 2k blocks away from an outpost (a comfortable distance)
  6. If it helps, there is an enchanting table and anvil already there, a farm, and the beginnings of a tree farm already there.
  7. Ill go into buying it with someone, split cost even 5K each
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  8. I may take you on that offer, fellow snp5-ian :)
  9. I know this.. ;)
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  10. That will work, do you guys each accept?
  11. hehe
  12. Well I do, we'll see if he goes for it too.
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  14. You will receive payment from me please pm me on the forums the cords with a convo with me and Rainbow
  15. Rainbow if you would please pay me my 5K
  16. Yeah...
  17. If I toss in another 5k can I join? ;D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.