[SELLING] dual skeleton and zombie grinder

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  1. <------- open in new tab.. the upload button was messed up

    thats the kill room ^^ simple drop grinder.. works best when standing on the sand..

    they both work at the same time..

    SERVER: smp4

    Price: i was told by someone its worth 20k.... im asking at LEAST 16k for it..

    PM if interested..

    ITS 2 SPAWNERS NOT 3!!! why does everyone think its 3??
  2. i will pay 15k for it
    just double checking all three spawners activate @ same time?
  3. why does everyone think it 3 spawners... its 2 and yes
  4. and pics plz
  5. o no deal sox though it was three
  6. pic is there... teh upload thing was messin with me... but it works great..
  7. I offer 16k.
  8. i also said PM if interested.. dont make the thread messy by posting in it...
  9. if you ask for it here i wont be able to PM you until later... i want to see if people want to pay more :D i died like 8 times building it
  10. anyone?? its a really good grinder
  11. Hey Where's the Zombie Grinder in the pic?

  12. Up in the back corner, you can see their legs!
  13. Ohhh sorry, I see now. :)
  14. That's good :) Glad to help! :D
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  15. So Dual skeleton+ Zombie means all 3 are activated at the same time correct? Just confirming
  16. If u had read The OP its only 2 Grinder's In the title he just said that its a dual grinder. :)
  17. Yeah the title was worded a bit weird.. Sorry
  18. Np and Its ok. :)
  19. yeah i didnt know it would be interpreted in that way... but by dual i meant it was 2 spawners
  20. ima wait a few more hours and if no one replys then ill message you :)