[SELLING] Dragon Stones, Beacons, Nether Stars

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  1. Dragon Stone Fragment - 2,000r
    Dragon Stone - 18,000r (2,000 per fragment)
    Stack of Dragon Stone Fragments - 125,000r (1,953/fragment)
    Stack of Dragon Stones - 1,025,000 (1,780/fragment)

    Contact fishmeal on this thread or in game.

    Please do not post offers in this thread; PM me if you want a different amount or price.
    Dragon Stones can always be replaced by 9 Dragon Stone Fragments and likewise for beacons and nether stars.
    All items will be mailed or sold at a shop chest (your choice).

    Feel free to correct any math/typing errors. I backspaced a lot in editing.
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  2. Can i buy a dragon stone? :)
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  3. Yes, but I can't connect to EMC at the moment. I will PM you as soon as I can. Thank you for your business. :D
    Edit: I'm actually on now! You're not though. Just PM me when you've paid, and I will mail it, hopefully immediately after.
  4. How many dragon stones do you have?
  5. You can sell me dragon stone fragments at 3500r per I believe at /v 15061. :)
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  6. I filled your chest. Thanks. :D

    Beacon price temporarily lowered to increase immediate sales!
    I want some spending cash for whatever the Halloween promo turns out to be.

    Bulk Prices added for dragon stones!
  7. I've drastically altered all prices and added bulk purchasing options.
    As soon as a few beacons sell, I intend to raise the price, so grab them while you can.

    Know that the price of beacons has gone up significantly in the last few weeks/months, and they are getting harder and harder to find.

    All prices are low enough for resale!
  8. Prices totally redone. Beacon bulk prices are now available in any quantity. Dragon Stones are returned to the cheapest I've had them.

    Please PM me if there is a single other shop with either of these things cheaper than me in stock, and I will consider changing prices. I am fairly confident these are the lowest prices on EMC right now.
  9. 2 nether stars please?
  10. I'll be back in about an hour to check my rupee history, and then I can mail you them. Thanks for your business!
    Edit: Mailed! Thanks, again!
  11. Beacons have been selling pretty well, and I have all the Halloween promos I wanted, so the prices went back to average for a single beacon. I still have some cheap bulk prices listed.

    I'm not sure what happened in-game, but I am happy to sell at the price you asked or lower (depending on quantity). Just let me know if you haven't lost interest. I'm not sure if you just afk'ed or just stopped talking to me.
  12. Why is this? This could mean a potential, ahem, increase in activity in a market career that I used to pursue.
  13. The wither boss can no longer be 100% machine-killed so it's actually just harder to make one, amongst other, economy-related reasons.
  14. Oh, yes, that. I tried the nether bedrock roof method awhile ago, and lost a wither worth of stuff due to "This monster cannot get to you, it resisted the attack"
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  15. Yup, and I think the price change made all the wither skulls under 3500r sell out.
  16. uhm.. I have a bedrock overworld trap that still works fine. Since it CAN still hit you, just very rarely.
  17. Just dragon stones now. I will return to the beacon business in no time. Don't worry.
  18. new prices.
  19. Individual fragments are now sold at /v 2149 on smp1.
    Beacons are available there from eviltoade.