[Selling] Dragon Egg

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  1. I have a Dragon Egg for sale on my res SMP5 11015. There is a chest set up at my res spawn. Price is non-negotiable and is lower than some sell it for so don't ask me to lower it.

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  2. i am guessing this is an unoriginal right?
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  3. How much is it..? Can't get online right now but I'd like to know.
  4. It is set at 400k
  5. I'd buy it but I've no idea if it'll be compatible with the upcoming land claiming - clarification would be useful on this point so people don't throw money around on a hope.
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  6. These eggs will be the same as the eggs received via dragon tombs. They will have the land claiming capabilities when introduced.
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  7. What do you mean compatible?

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  8. how did people get them to start?
  9. Well a few people had the original eggs from when the servers were created, around May these people were given the opportunity to turn it in to the spawn on Smp1. About a week later they were given their eggs back but with the ability to spawn Ender Crystals on their res, in addition they were also given 19 (I think) default dragon eggs.
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  10. If by week, you mean many, many months then you are correct.
  11. It was originally set at 400k because i wanted to get to 1/2 million, but now since that is no longer an option the price is being reduced to 300k.
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  12. Months, and yes, 19 regular eggs accompanied by the original that had the new ability.
  13. Bought it, thanks! :D
  14. Why is it no longer an option? Also, do you have more than one?
  15. Started a new project, so getting 500k is no longer high on my goals list. and no i do not have another one. The egg i had sold earlier today.