[SELLING] Dragon Egg!

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  1. Bump, lets get some more offers on this!
  2. Not an offer but worth 250-300k
  3. Bump, we're getting some good offers!
  4. ........... We made a deal...... and now this........
  5. As soon as I can get on next, it goes to you.
    Until then, why not? I can tell you, you're by far in the lead.
  6. Because you can't make a deal, and then keep advertising that it is still available!
  7. And sold to the Minner for 265k!
  8. I'll just say that he offered me 200k and the egg would have been mine last night. Would have done it but I was being too stupid. Money was lost and lesson was not learned :p
  9. I didn't pay 265k exactly, I paid 192k and one inciditus used and one unused and a 2012 firework
  10. Oh, isn't that like 235k?
  11. I guess idk
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