{SELLING} Dragon Egg!

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  1. Hi everybody!

    So i bought a dragon egg roughly 2-3 weeks ago. But I just came up with an awesome project on the empire (secret) so i decided its time to sell it ;) Im looking at offers upwards of 270k so PM me if u wanna offer! :)
  2. I would stick it on auction and have the starting bid at whatever the lowest your willing to take is. Will probably get more views in that forum.
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  3. Good idea. could this thread be closed please?
  4. In my last auction i did a dragon egg for 250k starting price no one was willing to pay the amount so i would lower the price then 270k. i hope this helped ~ BTH
  5. I know you are looking for offers that are 270k+, but if you ever change your mind - Give me a PM. I can buy it for 220k.
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