[Selling] Double Zombie Grinder

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I've recently come across this (non-utopian) double zombie spawner, so I have made it into a very efficient and effective water elevator and drop grinder. This leaves all the dropped zombies with just 1 heart left meaning they can be killed with just a couple of punches.
    It is well hidden and about 1000 blocks away from any outpost or the spawn.
    The asking price is 30,000 rupees but I can negotiate. This spawner is brilliant for rare drops like iron helmets, ingots and swords and enables you to rack up XP pretty quickly.

    Supporters can express interest by replying to this thread and regular members can express their interest via PM with me. :)
  2. What SMP I'm interested
  3. This is worth at least 15k, not 30k, I sold a triple one for 20k
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  4. um is there a way that i could buy 1 of them because i dont have enough for 2 but i have enough for 1
  5. It is 1 in 2 so if you buy 1 Daffy won't be able to sell the other one, how many rupees do you got?
  6. Well you said that they're worth 15k if i were to buy 1 of the 2 i would pay 7500 ruppes
  7. It is al made in one, it is impossible to sell them seperately, unless you find a friend that wants to pay half of the money, than you can share it
  8. yeah they are being sold together, I will drop the price to 20k. If you are interested please PM and I might be able to negotiate on a deal. :)
  9. cant i only have 7.5k lol if you find a single in the future come to me and i will buy it off hopefully then i will have more rupees
  10. I will do. :)
  11. Got friends to pay together, and share it?
  12. Bump! This is still for sale at a tiny price of 20k. The profit in enchantments from the xp will very quickly pay it off!
  13. the worth of enchantment will become very low tomorrow because of the new update.
  14. Actually, not as much as you think. Because it requires work, alot of people will not go out and get the xp to do so. So, they will not drop that much.
  15. they will drop, it will be allot easier to get the best enchantments, when the max enchantment level are 30.
  16. You dont understand though, supply and demand. People do not like wasting time trying to get XP for enchants, when they can just go buy some anyways. There is a lot of "lazy" people out there who wont work to get the XP so they just go buy
  17. But yes, they will drop. Just now a whole lot. I can imagine a SIlk touch being about 4.5k
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