[Selling] Double Zombie Grinder with Darkroom

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  1. Im selling my Dual Zombie grinder becuse im using a Blaze now.
    Its located at Utopia so only for Gold & Diamond supporters!


    (Darkroom) - Will make natural spawns happen in a big room and they will fall down to your killing room making them an Easy 1 hit! :)

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  2. So is this a bid or first come first serve?
  3. You forgot the link to the disclaimer.
  4. Buy Out means give the money and its yours
  5. New Price !
  6. 1. How far from spawn/an outpost?
    2. I'll pay 23k
  7. 1998golfer,
    I wont sell it just atm im holding it back for some one :)
    there is a Slime Farm right next to it aswell now :)
  8. You got the chat off -.-
  9. Can you enable chat?
  10. Ok. Want me to turn it on?
  11. Moderator / Admin please shut down this thread. :)
  12. Ill take it for 27k right now