(Selling) Double Skeleton - Zombie Mob Grinder

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  1. Skeleton + Zombie mob grinder for sale located at smp1.
    Looking at selling its location for 15 k.
    Reply to this thread if you want it and i'll reply and show you it on smp1 at the time I say.
    I will show you the location of the spawner.
    There is also a broken cave spider trap beside it which is currently out of use but can be repaired if you wish.

  2. I'll only be selling its location for a while, so put in your offers quick!
  3. i want it now please please i beg
  4. lets bargen for a price in the conversation i started
  5. I'm interested but I need to see it in action
  6. Have any screen shots?
  7. Gypsyluke77 has got the spawner for 15k. I may have some others coming out so i'll keep you all posted :)
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  8. Lol liking my comment = better chance for the next 1 :)
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