[SELLING] Double Chests of Ender Pearls!

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  1. Hello! I'm TomCasalino.
    I am Selling Ender Pearls!
    Price: 800r For a Double Chest!
    Order Form:
    Name: TomCasalino
    Server: Smp1
    Amount: 4 Double Chests
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  2. Now Taking Orders!
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  3. Name: FireHose_Dragon
    Server: smp6
    Amount: 1 double chest
  4. Name: equinox_boss
    Server: smp1
    Amount: 1DC
  5. Your Orders Are Completed!
    Pick-up Is on Smp1 @ 2355. Follow the signs
    (Dont forget to pay :p)
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  6. Paid
  7. Random Fact: This Is less than 1r/ Pearl!
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  8. Thanks :p
  9. Thanks for a good deal, had a little computer problem.
  10. Name: Amazin_Swordfish
    Server: smp4
    Amount: 2 Double Chests
  11. Name: HylianNinja
    Server: smp1
    Amount: 1 double chest
  12. Name: NicholasGuy
    Server: Smp1
    Amount: 16 double chests
    Total Price: 12800r
  13. Your Orders Are Ready @ 2355 On SMP1!
    (Dont Forget To Pay!)
    :confused: I am working on this MASSIVE Order XD
  14. Name: Bunkerllama
    Server: SMP1
    Amount: 1 DC
  15. Sounds good tom
  16. Thanks for the Good Testomonial :p
    Your Order is being processed and will be completed as soon NicholasGuy's order is finished :p
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  17. In Case You guys were wondering why i needed your SMP's, i want to see which SMP buys the most XD
    Right now it's SMP1 in the lead :p
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  18. Name: THE_LEGEND4
    Server: SMP 7
    Amount: 1 DC
  19. I am also working on this Order! (I Am Very Swamped right now because of NicholasGuy's order :confused:
  20. I've Been working VERY Hard on this order and im about half done. I expect to be done In 1-2 hours :p