[Selling] Double Chest of Stone Bricks

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  1. I am selling a double chest full of Stone Bricks, that's 54 stacks:

    Looking to get 4000r OBO
  2. I had an offer by private message for 4k, but they haven't responded. I'm going to leave this til morning and then we'll get this sold at the best offer.
  3. ill bid for 5000r after iam not ban -_-
  4. when is your ban being lifted?
  5. I'll give you 5,250r for it, and I'm not banned, Sound Good?
  6. done deal, you can pick them up at 18648 on smp9 or i can deliver. let me know
  7. I'll come pick up, Be there soon :)
  8. this has been taken care of, admins can close
  9. ahh come on my ban is gona be lifted tomorw and ill pay 6000r
  10. i just got the thread a minute ago come on sgx
  11. Sorry, I've already gotten it.
  12. can i buy em from you?
  13. I have another double chest and I'll sell them to you graysen000 for 6k
    just message me tomorrow when you're unbanned
  14. I have two double chests full of Stone Bricks left

    let me know if you want one!