[Selling] Double chest of nether wart

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  1. Well, title says it all:p Post your serious offers, and i will consider them:)
  2. 20r, Im DEAD serious...
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  3. I thought people wanted this?
  4. easy to get :p
  5. Yes, but some people are lazy:)
  6. Sure! Right now im moving my brother into his dorm, so im not able to set the access chest up, but i will later tonight. Pay the 3.5k, and i will post when the chest is up:)
  7. kk, i'll pay later i can't acces EmpireCraft right now :s
  8. Empire MINECraft* :)

    Nether warts aren't worth so much now as they're so easy to get since you can grow them in OverWorld / Town.. I wish you couldn't grow them in town but that's how it is
  9. Since he hasnt payed, this is now up for auction.