[SELLING] Double Chest of Iron Ignots

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  1. Selling Double chest of Iron Ignots for 20,000 rupees :D

    Who wants them?

    Or PM me your offer :)
  2. A little lower thank i expected but i will think about it, ill post here to let you know.

    Anymore offers?
  3. ill give 17k its alll my ruppes if u get more ill buy the iron
  4. I'll buy them for 20k
  5. I can give you a dc of blaze rods and 4k rupees for it :)

  6. Sold! I wont be on till tonight around 8pm eastern time, then ill coment here and let you know to come pick them up, they are on smp9 on my first res
  7. I would buy it for 21k but. . . Um. . . I don't have a ton of rupees I want to stay around 39k but mostly 40k
  8. This is an auction and it's over. If you're interested in buying iron, please create a new thread and post it on the "Products" topic board. :)
  9. It wasn't an auction form the start...
  10. True that - saw the format and thought auction. :)
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