[selling] double chest of gobble stone

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  1. Starting bid : 700r
    increase bid 200r
    bid ends: October 27
    on smp 4
    res: 9304 minecraft gobble stone.jpg
  2. Gobblestone?
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  3. No boddy want gobble?
  4. Invalid, this is not a auction please change the OP removing the bids and set a price to purchase it at, if you want to do a auction please post it in in the Auctions sub-forum
  5. Gobblestone..... Okay........
  6. Not valid, auctions go under "auctions"
  7. When was this "Gobblestone" added?
  8. Turkeystone
  9. I believe in 22.8
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  10. Sorry i wasn't on the corect page, i'm new that was my first coment.
  11. Its fine, just dont do it again. And its cobblestone xD
  12. Someone higher? You have only 2 1/4 hour left!!!
  13. only a quarter left
  14. 5tweety you win!!!
    you can get it on smp4 res 9304.
    1 where you spawn down once.
    2 there is a "house" measuring access
    3 open the door
    4 you can buy one chest at a time because otherwise it does not fit into your invertory
  15. Hmm, so this Jeroen is in the future?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.