(SELLING) Double chest of enchanted bows.

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  1. Make your offer on one of more of the following enchanted bows. (note: i'm not selling the whole thing as a whole unless you wish to buy the entire chest.)
    Power IV- 6
    Flame I Power III- 2
    Punch I Power III- 3
    Punch II Power IV- 4
    Flame I Punch II Power IV-2
    Flame I- 3
    Punch I- 3
    Power III- 4
    Inf I Flame I Punch II Power IV - 1
    Punch II Power IV- 1
    Flame I Power IV - 4
    Punch II- 1
    Flame I Punch I Power III- 1
    Flame I Power III- 1

    Inf: Infinity

    Just post which bow/bows you want and what price you are willing to pay for each bow.

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  2. Infinity I power IV
  3. 500r and it's a deal
  4. Inf I flame punch II I Power IV
  5. offer?
  6. You decide
  7. just gonna take a shot in the dark with 4k
  8. How much for all the infinity bows you have left?
  9. just regular infinity or all of them besides the one TheEpic5 might buy?
  10. I wants ALL the bows with any kind of infinity, minus the ones that are spoken for, of course :D
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  11. hmm 18 bows how about 12k? We can negotiate the price if you want.
    Edit: 17 bows forgot about CoopDawger
  12. Works for me! I'll pay you now, so just let me know where to collect them :D
  13. Flame I Punch II Power IV
  14. Okay ill buy it for your price
  15. smp9 res #19140 ill make a chest for you

    smp9 res# 19140 ill make a chest for you
  16. 750 and its a deal
  17. Thanks! I'll make my way back to town.
  18. deal, 750r it is!
  19. I paid you the 750r sqiggley, are you going to set up the chest?