selling double chest of dirt give me an offer

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  1. give me an offer
  2. -10r, I will charge you for the disposal of it :p
  3. Many people sell free dirt. :/
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  4. I'll buy it for free...
  5. Ill pay 2r.
    1r for me buying it.
    1r for you to go burn it.
  6. 3r ^.^ I use dirt. You can get 4r if you donate it yourself to my shop at /v 405.
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  7. So you want to earn money? You should do something else, like Diamonds.
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  8. In no way am I involved in this.

    But your correct because i thought me and him were doing are emeralds etc

    Link in my sig!
  9. Did I said you was involved to this, and also, this thread is bumped from 4 weeks ago.
  10. Yeah you didnt its just someone will say it and im getting annoyed with it and never noticed that
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  11. My little off topic moment that I love to have!

    marknaaijer has just got my me 500th LIKE!

    Thank you and you shall receive 500r as soon as I get unbanned!

    Other than that my off topic moment is done :p
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  12. Wait, banned?
  13. Yeah apparently spamming. Its margaritte thinking i was its a temp ban atm but still :/ 3 hours to go!
  14. 1r?
    No 2r
    NOOOO 10r
    NOO SHUT UP 100r
    Shut the glob up 1k!!!!
  15. so you offer 1k?? xD