[SELLING]Double Chest of Blaze Rod's

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  1. I am trying to sell a double chest of Blaze Rod's. I would like to get at least 19,000 Rupees for it. Reply if you want it and how much you will pay.
  2. il pay 10,000 for it
  3. Im sorry i need at least 19k for it
  4. How is it that you have this and you joined 15 days ago?
  5. i traded a beacon for them
  6. And how did you get a beacon?
    Nah, I don't really care (but I still want to know)
    If only I had 19k...
  7. lol i killed a wither o.o
  8. And how did...
  9. Ill still pay 10k if no one else wants it
  10. im looking for no lower than 19k
  11. I've done the math...and it's about 250r per stack...ill buy a stack
  12. Ok I might be on tonight
  13. I remember winning an auction for a doublechest once, for only 6.5k i think:p
  14. That's nice but that's because things tend to go cheaper at auction I've already sold have the dc in individual stacks. My point is if your patient and try to sell it instead of auctioning it you can get more money out of it.
  15. Ok what smp do you play on?
  16. Not always true:p
  17. My res is 18841 smp9 I all set up a sign selling them in stacks for you next time I am on.
  18. Well yes it really depends who is in the auction and I would rather not take chances.
  19. Ok what smp do you play on?