[Selling] Double Chest full of Bones

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  1. I am selling bones in bulk, although I only have one double chest.
    1 Stack: 120 Rupees
    2 Stacks: 250 Rupees
    3 Stacks: 380 Rupees
    4 Stacks: 500 Rupees
    5 Stacks: 650 Rupees
    Most of these prices are under the actual price. If you want you can calculate them yourself at 2 rupees each.
    If you want to order some fill this out:

    Res #:

    I will deliver them myself to any lot on any server. If you order some make sure you have a chest set up for me to deliver them into. I will not deliver until I get the rupees from you(using rupees history).
    I will reply to your order by telling me how much you owe me.