[Selling] Double Blaze Spawner

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  1. Hello EMC!

    I have 2 blaze spawners I think they activate at the same time at only 50k! Its on SMP4 if you need anymore information please ask
  2. I suggest you make sure that they work at the same time :)
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  4. I always forget that xD

    Im busy in town atm
  5. Probably shouldn't be selling it then haha :)
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  6. Not just busy in town but real life this past week and havn't been able to get onto Minecraft today.
  7. He is still right. If you are too busy to see if they both work, you are too busy to sell them. I would just wait, then sell them when you know for sure.
  8. Ok its just my moms 25th annaversery and I have to do all work while my brother (Fellyboy) is sleeping because he is too lazy to do anything could write loads about him.
  9. Please hold onto these spawners as i'm interested in buying them (as long as they do work together) but will need to raise funds. is the price negotiable?