[Selling] Double Blaze Spawner!

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  1. Disclaimer! http://bit.ly/spawner

    2 Blaze spawners! I boxed them in cobblestone so people are safe on arrival!

    Server: Im not telling!
    1-9 Not Utopia!

    Make me a offer Via PM!

    Blaze Spawner 1:
    2012-09-16_20.49.40.png 2012-09-16_20.52.15.png
    Blaze Spawner 2:

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  2. How close to each other are they (and are they on Utopia)
  3. not utopia and a short walk about 25 blocks
  4. updated OP
  5. ... offers by PM. This is not an auction
  6. Were does it say you have to do this?
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  8. If it was a auction then you could bid, but its not and im taking offers via PM so people can make a offer but then not get over done
  9. Latest offer: 15k anyone top that?